“A heart-breaking, world-shaking, revolutionary book.”

Paul Tough, Author of How Children Succeed

“...brilliantly exposes and explores one of the most critical health issues we face today.”

Bryan Stevenson, Author of Just Mercy

“...a rousing wake-up call...”

Michelle Alexander, Author of The New Jim Crow

“Essential reading for every parent...”

Kamala D. Harris, United States Senator for California

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A heart-breaking, world-shaking, revolutionary book. In The Deepest Well, Nadine Burke Harris uncovers the once-hidden story of why we are the way we are. And she offers a new set of tools, based in science, that can help each of us heal ourselves, our children, and our world.”

– Paul Tough

Author of How Children Succeed

Group 2

This ultra-smart and compassionate book delivers revelations about what is really going on—in our bodies, in our families, in our communities—as a result of childhood toxic stress, as well as targeted solutions for individual healing. My Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) test result is a nine out of ten. When I needed it, one person extended the hand of hope and help to me. It saved me. This book has the power to extend that hand to countless others.”


Author of All That is Bitter and Sweet

Group 2

The Deepest Well is a rousing wake-up call, challenging us to reimagine pressing questions of racial and social justice as matters of public health. The research and stories shared in this highly engaging, provocative book prove beyond a reasonable doubt that millions of lives depend on us finally coming to terms with the long-term consequences of childhood adversity and toxic stress.”

– Michelle Alexander

Author of The New Jim Crow

Group 2

The Deepest Well is a heartbreaking, beautiful book about what might be the most important single issue facing our country's disadvantaged populations: the prevalence of childhood trauma. Relying on her work as a compassionate physician and first-class scientist, Burke Harris weaves together groundbreaking research with touching personal stories. The result is a gripping book that should convince everyone that we have a serious problem, and that unless we address it the losers will be our nation's children.”

– JD Vance

Author of Hillbilly Elegy

Group 2

This powerful book brilliantly exposes and explores one of the most critical health issues we face today. Dr. Burke-Harris combines a scientist's rigor with a compassionate doctor's heart to paint an unforgettable picture of what is at the center of what ails so many of our communities. Anyone who cares about people who sometimes struggle should read this book.”

– bryan stevenson

Author of Just Mercy

Group 2

Essential reading for every parent and for anyone concerned about children, health, crime, or community. Too many of our children are suffering from the effects of long-term stress and adversity, and can’t focus in school while their brains and bodies are reeling. Dr. Burke Harris’ story of her own journey of discovery concerning the physiological effects of childhood toxic stress, and how to treat it, is a giant step in the national conversation essential for breaking this cycle."

– Kamala D. Harris

United States Senator for California

Group 2

This book is for everyone! Nadine puts it all out there, the facts and the feelings. I wish I had been given this book six years ago when I started my ACEs and Trauma-Informed Care journey.”


Wisconsin’s First Lady

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