CYW Learning onDemand Frequently Asked Questions

Since launching our new training courses on ACEs science and screening, we’ve had a great deal of interest and some excellent questions have been posed. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and our responses to them.

1) How long do the courses take to complete?
Course #1 – ACEs: The Science and Foundational Framework has 8 modules and takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Course #2: Implementing ACEs Screening in Clinical Practice has 12 modules and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. This is the maximum time frame for each course if a participant chooses to complete it in one sitting.

2) Does the course allow me to pause and pick up where I left off later?
It sure does. We know life gets busy and things get in the way. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to pick up where you’ve left off. You are also allowed to move between devices so you can start on your desktop and finish on your tablet.

3) Does the course expire?
Yes, the course will eventually expire:
Enrollment Expiration Date: You have 365 days from the time of purchase to begin enrollment. To help you stay on track, you will receive a reminder email 14 days prior to that date with an option to re-enroll.
Course Completion Expiration Date: Once enrolled, you have 60 days to complete the course. Need an extension? No problem we can easily extend this date just email

4) Do you offer CME credits for the courses?
We are currently working on our CME approval. Once this becomes available, we will make an announcement, so please subscribe to our emails. In the meantime, for those who qualify for CMEs and would like to get a headstart on our courses, we will offer a free retake at a later date so you can receive your CME credits. We know it’s not the most convenient option, but as we like to say around here, “Early is better, but it’s never too late.”

5) When will the other courses be available?
We have quite a few exciting courses in our curricula pipeline. The final two courses of this ACEs Foundation Collection are slated for completion in the summer of 2020.

6) Do you offer group discounts?
No. Due to the nature of CME accreditation, each person will need to purchase and take the course on their own.

7) I want to purchase the entire collection at the same time. Is that an option?
Currently our courses are purchased either individually or by bundling both courses together (e.g. ACES: The Science and Implementing ACEs Screening). When all four courses are available, we will offer collection pricing.

8) Do you offer scholarships?
Not at this time. We do, however, want to hear about your unique circumstance and see if there are exceptions we can offer to support you.

9) I’m not a provider, but I want to learn more about ACEs and how I can bring a trauma-sensitive lens to my community or work setting. Is this course for me?

Anyone who wants to learn more about ACEs is welcome to take the course. However, while our ACEs Foundation Collection is available to everyone, we created this collection with practitioners, health providers and clinic staff in mind. We have courses for parents,caregivers, teachers, and other community members coming soon, so make sure to subscribe to our emails for updates!

10) We have taken the course and we know we want ACEs screening in our clinic but need more direction and guidance. Do you offer coaching?
We offer packages that will provide even more support to help you begin and maintain an ACEs screening program. Also, if you want hands-on support, please email and we can discuss options.These tiered packages will be released to the public during the summer and fall of 2020. Another reason to subscribe to our emails!

11) I have a question that’s not on this list. Who is the best person to contact?
Our Learning and Activation Team members are available to address your questions. Please email your inquiry to, and a team member will respond within 2 business days.

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