Center for Youth Wellness

A note from Jim Hickman – Interim CEO

This is an exciting time for the field of ACEs and toxic stress. Dr. Nadine Burke Harris has built an organization and team with the capacity and the conviction to challenge the inequities in our communities and the systems they rely upon.

Personally, this is a “come full circle” moment for me. As a consultant to Tipping Point many years ago, I had a chance to work with a dynamic group of leaders – one of them named Nadine Burke (before she met her husband, Arno Harris), to craft a business plan for something truly different for children in San Francisco.

I was so excited to share my experience in healthcare operations, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and public policy with this incredible upstart venture.

It’s amazing to think back on those days – touring buildings on Third Street – poring over documents at Burning Man HQ comes to mind – all filled with fear, joy and determination that come with the moral imperative to heal a generation of children.

We’ve all been quite busy since then. CYW is now a true force for good in the world. I’ve continued my work to fundamentally change the way care is delivered to underserved communities across the US.

There is still work to be done.

I’m excited to pick up where I left off with CYW. Together we’ll usher in an exciting new chapter for CYW and all the children and families we serve.

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Center for Youth Wellness is not a crisis center. Those experiencing urgent medical or psychiatric concerns should dial 911 or their local emergency agency for assistance. We are unable to respond to messages requesting referrals, treatment or clinical consultations from individuals who are not our patients.