COVID-19 Resource Page

We created this page to update you, our families and supporters, on our COVID-19 response and provide you with additional support during this time. Below, you’ll find a growing collection of tools, resources, and informative articles related to COVID-19. Check back often as we will update this page as we develop new resources.

We hope you and your family are staying as healthy as possible during this time.

Resources and Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What CYW is doing to prevent the spread of the virus and how we’re operating during shelter in place, as well as other helpful information.

Local Resources for Our Bayview and SF Community

Our clinical team put together this helpful list of resources for our community members and families to find the services and support they need during this time.

Domains of Wellness Toolkit for Caregivers

Our 7 Domains of Wellness Toolkit was created to help support families experiencing stress. This toolkit will give you free, easy-to-follow tips and activities to help you and those you love get through this together using the 7 domains of wellness: supportive relationships, sleeping well, eating well, exercise, mindfulness, mental health care, and nature.

Kit de herramientas de los dominios de bienestar para cuidadores 

Nuestro kit de herramientas basado en los 7 dominios de bienestar fue creado para ayudar a las familias que sufren estrés. Este kit de herramientas le dará consejos y actividades gratuitas e fáciles de seguir que ayudarán a usted y a sus seres queridos superar esto juntos, utilizando los 7 dominios de bienestar: relaciones de apoyo, dormir bien, buena alimentación, ejercicio, atención plena, cuidado de la salud mental, y la naturaleza.

Domains of Wellness – Activities and Links

This PDF supplements the Domains of Wellness Toolkit by providing additional activities and weblinks for families to explore together.

Helpful Articles

Sheltering in Place: ACEs-Informed Tips for Self-Care During a Pandemic

For those of us who have Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), these times can be particularly distressing – but there is good news. Learn about 7 healthy evidence-based practices that can help regulate an overactive stress response and keep you feeling grounded in the midst of uncertainty.

Helping Children in Emergencies: Keep Your Child’s Developmental Stage and Temperament in Mind

Depending on their ages, stages and temperaments, some children will require more reassurance or more time to shift than others. See how your child’s age and developmental stage may play a role in their behavior during times of crisis.

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