Join the #ChildrenCanThrive Campaign so all children grow up happy and healthy.

The #ChildrenCanThrive  campaign seeks to transform our response to the public health crisis of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their long term effects.

Join the #ChildrenCanThrive Campaign so all children grow up happy and healthy.

Our Team

Our truly integrated approach brings together a team of experts in primary health care, mental health and wellness, research, policy, education, and community and family support services to meet children and families where they are and help them lead healthier lives.

Nadine Burke Harris, MD, MPH, FAAP
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Youth Wellness (CYW).
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Chris Padula
Executive Director

Chris Padula joined Center for Youth Wellness (CYW) in August 2015 as Vice President of Development, Marketing and Communications and was named Executive Director in September 2017.
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Michael Barr
Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of Operations

Michael is the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Operations at the Center for Youth Wellness.
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Susan Briner, MD
Medical Director

Dr. Susan Briner joined the staff of Center for Youth Wellness in January 2016, as Medical Director.
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Monica Bucci, MD
Director of Research

Monica is the Director of Research. She brings many years of expertise in research and clinical neurology and neuroradiology practice with a primary focus on neuroscience and brain plasticity.
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Lisa Gutierrez Wang, PhD
Director of Clinical Programs

Lisa is the Director of Clinical Programs. She has a diverse background in clinical supervision and program implementation.
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Carol Hunter, CPA
Director of Finance and Operations

Carol Hunter is the Director of Finance and Operations. She is responsible for management of the Finance department ensuring the accurate and timely reporting of agency results both internally and externally.
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Sara Marques
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Sara is responsible for directing CYW’s policy work, including supporting a multi-sector statewide partnership focused on addressing ACEs and childhood trauma and supporting cross-sector integration of ACE-informed perspectives into practice.
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Damali Robertson
Director of Development

Damali is the Director of Development, responsible for leading our foundation, corporation and government fundraising efforts.
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Jabeen Yusuf
Director of Marketing and Communications

Jabeen Yusuf is the Director of Marketing and Communications at CYW. With over 15 years of experience in leading brand strategy, consumer insights and research, brand campaigns and communications planning, Jabeen has helped organizations build powerful narratives that touch their customers’ hearts and minds.
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Margie Carrascal Villanueva
Bilingual Care Coordinator

Margie is a Bilingual Care Coordinator who works with the clinical team to ensure patients are properly introduced to CYW’s services.
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Claire Willhite, LMFT
Associate Clinical Director

Claire is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Her therapeutic work focuses on trauma-informed care and she specializes in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).
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Perry Chen
Therapist, LCSW

Perry is a therapist in the clinical program. He is responsible for caring for the patients’ behavioral/mental health through individual, family, and dyadic therapy.
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Abel Embaie
Senior Accountant

Abel is the Senior Accountant At CYW. He graduated from Washington State University in 2007 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. He has over 7 years of professional experience in the private and governmental sector performing several financial and business reporting functions.
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Isioma Emordi
Human Resources Manager

Isioma is the Human Resources Manager at Center for Youth Wellness.
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Cynthia Flores
Bilingual Care Coordinator

Cynthia is the Bilingual Care Coordinator within the clinical program at Center for Youth Wellness.
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Kadiatou Koita
Clinical Research Manager

Dr. Kadiatou Koita (Kadi) is the Clinical Research Manager at CYW. She provides critical support in various clinical research projects, and manages the Bay Area Research Consortium on ACEs and Toxic Stress.
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Kara Leslie
Development Manager

Kara is a Development Manager at CYW, collaborating across teams to support in developing and executing fundraising initiatives.
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Amanda Medrano

Amanda is a bilingual Spanish-speaking clinical psychologist. As part of our multidisciplinary team she provides individual, dyadic, and family therapy to the families served by the Center for Youth Wellness.
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Debby Oh
Research Associate

Debby is a Research Associate at the Center for Youth Wellness. She is responsible for synthesizing and critically evaluating the research surrounding ACEs as well as communicating findings to our staff and the larger medical community.
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Sukhdip Purewal, MPH
Research Associate

Sukh is a Research Associate in the Research Department and manages the Community Advisory Council.
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Leena B. Singh, DrPH, MPH
National Pediatric Practice Community Program Manager

Leena is the Program Manager for the National Pediatric Practice Community on ACEs.
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Afomeia Tesfai, MPH
Policy and Advocacy Manager

Afomeia is the Policy and Advocacy Manager at CYW.
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Nicholas Thorn-Sermeno
Bilingual Clinical Care Coordinator

Nick is a Bilingual Clinical Care Coordinator at CYW.
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Emily Tolos, MPH
Marketing Manager

Emily is the Manager of Marketing for the Center for Youth Wellness. She is responsible for helping the CYW tell its unique story and build momentum for the broader movement to address childhood adversity and toxic stress.
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Lydia Vincent-White
Clinic Programs Coordinator

Lydia is the Clinic Programs Coordinators who works with the clinical team and staffs the Community Advisory Council.
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Tishina Williams

Tishina Williams is the receptionist for CYW.
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